Mappa Isola di Procida
A technical approach in designing the official map of Procida Island: a universal communication tool in which aesthetics makes room for a good organization of content, to make its use practical and immediate.

Editorial Design

Public Entity, Tourism

Procida, 2020


Brief · Analysis
When I was asked from Comune di Procida to design the official map of the island, I immediately assumed that it could be a detailed instrument, which provides full informations but, at the same time, easy to consult and accessible to all.


Rationale · Design
To make the map clear and immediate, after recreating the entire silhouette of the island, the streets, the icons e and the places, I placed it on a grid which refers to the naval battle game. The grid immediately matches places on the legend and provides informations about the placement of a point of interest on the map.


Output · Result
Through the chessboard system, information is easy to find: the front of the map is very light and pleasing to consult. The back of the map describes the places of the island: at the design stage it has been treated in a more didactic way, with the same precision by recalling the same colors, icons and layout of the front.


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