Fronzoni Exhibition
Editorial communication project for a retrospective dedicated to Fronzoni, leading designer and artist of the minimalist movement, from Madre Museum in Naples.

Editorial, Print

Museum, Exhibition

Academic project


Brief ·Analysis
Fronzoni’s work is a dynamic tension between full and empty, analysis and breakdown of the type, tridimensionality and movement. His retrospective is based on a pure essentiality.


Rationale · Design
The poster, only realized with black, is outlined by the overlapping of polygonal shapes, which represents the posters of the Master. The invitation is in a black envelope and is readable only by opening it as a folding fan. Essentiality.


Output · Result
In the footsteps of the “less is more” philosophy of Fronzoni, the visual output is extremely synthetic and the texts enhance the tension between empty and full, black and white. The typographical experiments reflect the master’s artworks. A life in a poster.


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